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Setup 4 Impact and swing on one Single plane. The easiest golf swing you can ever learn. Put less stress on your body, and play better golf quickly with our amazingly simple program.

Easiest Golf Swing for Senior Golfers

This method is easier because we teach you to setup and make impact on the same swing plane. This requires much less timing in order to make solid, repeatable impact on every golf shot.

Finally an easy golf swing for seniors to learn. This is different than all the others out there that make the same claim. My swing puts you in a unique setup that makes it easier to hit great golf shots for any golfer, not just seniors. The beauty of it is that many who change the setup no longer have to even work on the golf swing. They improve overnight. Give it a try today. My setup 4 Impact Single Plane golf method makes it easier to hit any golf shot. It is based on a simple setup change which helps you play better your next time out. Thousands of people have followed this advice over the past 20 years with success. Now boiled down to it’s most simple form. Just Setup 4 Impact it is the easiest golf swing for seniors or anybody who wants to improve their game. Get started today!!
The best swing for Seniors shows you step by step how to improve your swing. Just setup on your impact plane and then learn to swing on one single plane. This makes learning to make great impact much easier.
Learning to swing a golf club on one single plane should not be so complicated. I have taught this concept for over 25 years and it has evolved into what I call Setup 4 Impact. Learn to setup on your impact plane and then swing back and through on one single plane, with the main focus being on making pro-like impact with the golf ball. My goal is to provide the fastest improvement possible for each individual golfer. For more videos about swinging a golf club on a single plane visit
Setup 4 Impact swing on a single plane Driver

Our number 1 goal is to help you improve at golf as quickly as possible.

Simplifying impact by setting up for it not only makes a lot of sense. It should be the way everybody learns to play golf.